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Lezi izibongo zakwa Bhengu nezihlobene nazo.
These are Bhengu surnames and relations.

1. Bhengu
2. Ngcolosi
3. Jali
4. Dlabazane
5. Ngwadi
6. Shongololo
7. Nondela
8. Cibane
9. Ngwane

There are many Ngwanes who are not necessary related, this Ngwane is related to the Hlongwanes, you can add the other surnames related to this one here below in comment form.



  1. Where does madlala fit in to gcolosi?

  2. AmaHlenga are closely related to (Ngwane) known as Sono who was based in lebombo mountains with Chauke clan in the early 1800s.According to studies published Zulus call people of Delagoa bay “Amahlengwa”.Sono is the grandfather of amahlenga his relatives are the Hlongwanes.Majority of Tsonga speakers has since converted from Sono to Hlungwani(sono).Today Hlenga surnames are as follows Hlungwani,Chauke,Mabasa,Hlanguza,Mlilo,Phakathi,Sihlangu,Macheke and so forth.Many reputable writers claims that Abathwa of nyambane were branch of Hlenga before they split into two.Thwa surnames are Yingwane,Hlabangwane and Nkumbi.Largest hlenga clans like Chauke/Mlilo/Mabasa split from hlenga of Luthuli(also break from Bhengu).Hlengas had lived in various places including Mlilwane, Hlathikhulu,Ingwavuma,Vryheid,Mbazwana and uMfolozi before the era of great migrations took place.Its strange to say but Mamba and Madziva-ndlela are also part of Hlenga group.amaHlenga are originally the Ntulis who inherited royal powers from their mother’s family(kaNgwane).Oral traditions mentions that Mangena or Matsena is the son of Bhangwane who defeated Ngwane or Mlilo tribe in their main land and took their kingship(sidwaba sikaLuthuli).Ngwanes especially Tsonga speakers are classified under Hlengwe tribe and preferres to be called baka Mlilo(their original surname).Hlenga people are known by numerous names like iziikonjane or vahlengwe.

    • Thank you for tjo Pearl Chauke, it links the pieces and bridge the gaps.

    • Hi
      I am Sipho Mlilo. Where are you located?

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